We invite proposals for the 2015 NCTE Assembly for Research Midwinter Conference, to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana from February 6-8, 2015.

Theme: Research at the intersections of race, language, and literacy in context

Using New Orleans as a point of departure, the theme for NCTEAR 2015 challenges us to think about how we make sense of language and literacy in local and geographic contexts (or space and place) and the ways in which race, and other identity markers, inform and shape them. We are interested in the project of research and specifically the scholarly examination of languages and literacies as they intersect with race, class, gender, sexuality, and citizenship status, among others. We are also interested in language and literacy scholarship that raises particular questions about methodology, epistemology, and the politics of research.

Interested in what there is to see and do while you're in New Orleans for NCTEAR's Midwinter conference?

2015 Hotel Information

May 6th 2014

The official hotel of NCTEAR 2015 is the Astor Crown Plaza, located in downtown New Orleans on Canal Street.

NCTEAR is calling for nominations for the position of Treasurer.

Please consider serving NCTEAR in the position of Treasurer. The elected Treasurer will serve in the position for three years (2015-2018), beginning at the 2015 Midwinter conference, receiving mentorship from the current Treasurer, and then remaining on the board until the 2018 Midwinter conference, during which s/he will pass on the mentorship to the next elected Treasurer.

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